Energy Star Rated Ornamental Iron Doors

The Energy Star Program

EPA’s ENERGY STAR Program was created to help identify the best ways to save energy. The little blue label says this product, this home, this building or factory is doing the right things to save. ENERGY STAR drives energy efficiency all across America. Products in more than 70 categories earn the label. One million times every day, people choose ENERGY STAR to help them save. Read more about the program at

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    Commitment to Energy Savings

    An energy star rating shows that the manufacturer has commited to helping save energy by designing, testing and certifying their products.

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    Tax incentives available

    All new Energy Star rated iron doors qualify for a tax incentive through the end of 2016. More information on the available incentives can be found on the Tax Credit for Energy Star Qualified Windows, Doors and Skylights page.

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    Save money and the environment

    Over the last 22 years, the Energy Star Program has helped people save $362 billion dollars. The program has also reduced the greenhouse gas load by 2.4 billion metric tons.

Tuscan Elite ES-One Labeling
The Energy Star Label – What does it all mean?

Energy Star Criteria

Most of our doors are considered greater than 1/2 lite since glass makes up more than 50% of their surfaces.