Frequently Asked Questions

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Door Care

A damp cloth and mild dish detergent works well to clean your door. Do not use mineral spirits or any type of thinner. This can damage the top coat of the door.
The answer to this question varies. It is largely dependent on the weather exposure the door will receive. Generally speaking, however, the door may need an exterior touch up every 5-7 years. The interior should never need refinishing unless it is damaged by your pet.
If you are seeing light, feeling air or seeing water leak in, it is most likely do to a worn-out seal. Seal are a wear item and may need to be replaced every 5-10 years. A seal kit can be purchased if needed and installed by the homeowner. The entirety of seals on the door can be changed out in about 30 minutes at a cost of less than $50 for parts. If the seals are not the cause of the problem, the door may need adjustment so that is closes tightly.
The glass supplied with our doors conforms to the ASTM 1048 tempered glass standards. Tempering glass is a process by which the glass is super-heated and then quickly cooled. This makes the glass stronger and safer. However, the tempering process can introduce small imperfections to the surface of the glass which are not covered by warranty. Any blemishes or scratches that fall outside the standards will qualify for warranty replacement.

Construction Materials

Our doors are primarily constructed of steel. Steel thicknesses of 14 gauge all the way up to 1/2″ are used. Steel is used in the door panels, jamb and window frames. Aluminum is also used in the construction of our doors. The threshold and t-astragal (middle bar on double doors) are composed of extruded aluminum.
Powder coating is one of the top choices for finishing metal. It is a process which involves the application of a fine dry powder to the surface of the doors. The powder is then baked to a permanent and hard finish. Powder coating is also very uv-stable allowing it to resist pre-mature weathering.
Yes! Are doors are injected with a closed-cell polyurethane foam. The foam expands to a density of approximately 2 pounds per cubic foot yielding an R-value of 7 per inch. This foam, coupled with energy efficient glass and our patent pending design, produce the most energy efficient ornamental iron doors on the market today.


While door installation is not complicated, it is not considered a do-it-yourself project. Hiring a contractor with window and door installation experience is highly recommended. However, a VERY handy person with the right tools and help can install one of these doors. The doors are shipped with instrucions (which we encourage even the most experienced installers to read!)
A door for new construction can be installed in a 1/2 day or less. Retrofits will take an entire day. In a day, a two man crew can remove the old door and reinstall and trim the new door. There is usually some caulking and paint touch-up that can be done the next day if needed.
Basic carpentry and trim tools are required for installation of an ornamental iron door. (screwdrivers, socket set, drill, miter saw, level, tape measure, etc…) A complete list can be found on the inner cover of our installation manual.


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